Today my mom, who has Alzheimer’s, fell and hit her head. My dad is her sole caregiver and also takes care of his mother who just happened to be out of town for the holidays.

When I found out it was through a message on FB that informed me he was on his way to the ER with her and a picture of my mom with a bandage on her head. I replied to call when he could. After a few minutes, he called and told me what happened and said he would call as soon as he had answers.

After getting the story of what had happened I called my brother and sister and told them the story and I would call them when I knew something more. Knowing what a handful my mom can be and with her being hurt I knew this would take some time.

About an hour later my sister called to inform me about the testing phase. The problem I had with that is she had to jump the gun and get answers before there were any. I asked why she felt the need to jump ahead before he called. He needed to be there for her. She was mad and hung up on me.

A couple hours later I was hanging out with family and all of a sudden my sister walked into my house. She asked me to come outside and talk to her while she was fuming mad. OK let’s go. I sat in a chair and she stood over me with her finger in my face, just like my ex used to do, telling me I had no right to tell her that she could not call and check on her mom. Guess what, I didn’t. I was looking for answers, not the tests they were doing. Be patient so we aren’t calling him 600 times before he knows what is going on.

As she had her fingers in my face screaming at me I told her to get her finger out of my face and she said, “do something about it!” Really? I am 42 years old she is 44. We are too damn old for that shit. Then she proceeded to call me a narcissist because it is all about me. She said EVERYONE is calling her telling her I am the narcissist and asking what I am doing writing a blog that is all about me. Well if anyone has a question they can take the time to figure it out, or ask me themselves. And if EVERYONE thinks I am a narcissist then they should go no contact with me so I don’t ruin their lives?

Have you had anyone in your life that has tried to hurt you by saying you are the narcissist? My sister was not around and has no clue what I have been through because we didn’t stay in contact too often when I moved out of state and I guess she doesn’t read my blogs. She lives on a mountain with times of no phone service and I didn’t know what the hell was happening until it was over.

Has anyone else had family or friends call you the narcissist because of something so stupid as a telephone conversation that was misunderstood? Let the holidays begin.



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