When you finally decide to leave your toxic partner it is usually before you have had a chance to heal. This makes having confidence in court difficult to find but it is one of the most important. From across the isle, your narc still tries to abuse you. They know the looks and what to say to get you going but you can’t let these things bother you. It is better to not look at your ex and definitely don’t make eye contact with them. Divorcing Your Narcissist is never easy.

Courtroom confidence shows that you are honest and it impacts jurors, witnesses, attorneys, and the judge and affords you more opportunity in the end. Your confidence will increase the persuasiveness of the message. So how do you get the confidence after being torn down? PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. Take the negative thoughts and beliefs out of your mind and replace them with positive. I can not express how important this is. It may seem impossible,  but people do it every day.

If you are representing yourself in court than that confidence is even more important because you are way outside your comfort zone and you could make it or break it. Practicing what you are going to argue in your case is also important. Watch videos of the particular case you are going for, they are all over YouTube. Think of things they will say and questions you will ask. The more prepared you are for court the more confident you will be..

Divorcing a Narcissist is not an easy task. If you at any time are in need of support schedule an appointment with Coach Misty Dawn.

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