This is a reminder that Narcissists think they are above the law. They don’t believe they have to follow court orders on support or anything for that matter. It is currently tax day in America and my ex narc thinks I am just playing games. Not filing a yearly tax return is tax evasion. I took the time to research the laws about this very thing because my narcissist makes it a habit to not file his taxes. This is something he did before we got together and it is something he jumped back in to after our separation.

The first year we were not together at tax time but were still married I had to file married filing separately because he left the state 2 weeks before taxes could be filed. This year I filed head of household since our divorce was final in October. After a reminder, a couple of weeks ago about needing the copy of his taxes filed I realized that he is not going to change his ways if he continues to get away with it all with no consequence.

Watching over the years and seeing his ex-wife visiting court every couple of years to receive a purge payment and deal with the same issue with nonpayment over and over I decided it was time to go a different route. Midnight tonight is the deadline I gave him of having a copy of both his 2017 and 2018 taxes I will be calling the IRS first thing in the morning If I don’t. After finding out that he was no longer working at the place he told he was working after putting the child support through the state I called about the 2017 taxes. One more year will result in more consequences for his actions.

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box on how to get through the system. The courts won’t do much for non-support and they only expect a fraction of what is owed when there is a purge payment so you have to find other ways. This year will be the IRS and if this does not show I mean business I will have to look into other ways. It is not me being “revengeful” as he calls it, It is me getting what is legally owed to me without having to go back and visit the courts that will not change his ways because the consequence is not strong enough.

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