I have read a lot of posts on DYN on FB and also SPAN where survivors are talking about how their attorney is not representing them to the best of their ability. Maybe your attorney is trying to rush through and not taking everything into account and representing you like you have a textbook divorce or seeming to side with your ex more than they are siding with you. Does your gut tell you that your attorney is not looking out for you? Consider other options.

When should you fire your attorney?

You should fire your attorney when you don’t think they are doing the job you hired them to do. Does it feel like the attorney is just trying to fly through and not considering what you are seeking in the divorce? Does it feel like your attorney isn’t listening to you? Is your attorney telling you what you want and not listening to what you need? There are other options.

If you fire your attorney what is the process?

The process is first making sure to read your paperwork about fees for services in the contracts you signed with your attorney. You can either hire a new attorney or decide to represent yourself and you inform your attorney in writing or by speaking to them. Be sure you don’t forget to get a copy of your records as they are important and yours.

If you end up keeping a bad attorney there are other ways you can handle it. There is one survivor who told her story about a not so good attorney who charged an outrageous amount and didn’t do a very good job representing her. When she submitted her final payment she did so with a letter that expressed her opinion of his service. Most attorneys are decent people and try to represent their client to the best of their ability and some are just looking to make a paycheck.

When choosing an attorney it is a good idea to make sure that they are really going to represent you and you are not just one of their many clients. If you get a feeling you are not getting what you paid for it is a good idea to move on and look for a better option. Most people go to court once and then just deal with what is given at that time so having the right attorney the first time is important.

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