There was a time 17 years ago, after two divorces in 9 years, that I decided it was time for a change. I planned for months and it went off without a problem.  I was making the leap to my next destination, from the place I considered home, to sunny Florida to start a new life with my oldest two girls I spoke the words, “I will be back when hell freezes over”. Guess what? It is going to be a bad Winter. This area was hit with the Blizzard of 93. I wonder if it can happen again? It was awful and this city was not prepared but at 7 months pregnant, I faired well. We never lost power or water. I’m back! I am back to the place I feel it all started. My life started.

It is time for a reboot and what better place to have a reboot than with family? I am away from his toxic family and my kids get to learn what it really means to be family. My family does not talk shit behind each other’s backs that we would not repeat to their face. They are getting to know my family a little at a time. Their family. Other than short visits over the years they have had limited contact with this side of their family.

The day I was awarded sole custody of my children was the best day of my life and also the beginning of some quick decisions and doing something that I personally had never done. It was time to live my best life and not be held down by anyone or anything. Their dad was able to take off to another state while leaving me with all of the debt, not pay support in 11 months, and stop even trying to be a dad to his children. He left the 5 before mine well enough alone and someone else raised them. Why would he treat mine any different? They don’t want to have anything to do with him anyway.

So it is time for them to see who their mom really is. She is not the miserable woman they have lived their entire lives with. Who yelled and reacted to the abuse she was given. She is actually pretty easy going and nothing bothers her as long as she isn’t made to feel crazy for her reactions to being verbal, mentally, and emotionally abused, because someone wanted to control her every move and to make sure she was still around for supply.  This is the beginning of our next chapter.


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