That moment that ruins another day. I wrote the other day in my article titled “Two Minutes and Forty-Two Seconds I will Never get back” about a voicemail that went on and on with the same nonsense that I have heard over the years. I want…, I need…, Please… I will be transcribing these voicemails in the coming days. Maybe it would be a good idea to document what is going on just in case.

I received another voicemail today that was filled with a lot of the same. The only difference was this time there was a hint of him stalking me. He said I was somewhere that I am not, and have not been at any time in my travels, because he wants me to believe that he did some kind of background check on me. This is stalking. It was also part of the reason I was able to get the temporary domestic violence injunction I had on him last year in FL because he was using the same faulty avenue thinking it was fact.

If he strictly questions about the kids it should go through my email. I don’t need to know about his life and what he is doing, we are divorced, after all. If he has specific questions about my children he can ask but until he completes the steps he is supposed to take that I have laid out in, Actions Speak Louder Than Words, (an open letter to my ex and his family)., he has no legal right to speak to me or my children. It is right, as it is my job to protect them from the likes of him.

I am not necessarily worried that he will find me at this point since everything he has said so far is way off, but, what if there is one day he does find out where we are? What do I do then? He has proven he’s not looking to do things the legal way so I am just going to stay alert and watch my back and be careful who I befriend. Life after narcissistic abuse is less stressful and beautiful when they go away, for a while. When they come back all of those fears and emotions come boiling back.

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