Your Divorce Your Narcissist Toolkit


Includes Free Support Group, Resources and Much More


Any divorce is painful, difficult and not what you planned. But when a narcissist is involved, the pain is magnified even more. We may understand where you are better than anyone in your “real life,” as we’re also survivors of narcissistic abuse in toxic marriages.
And that’s exactly why we put together this helpful Divorce Your Narcissist Toolkit. We know what it takes to get through the hard times and we know what it takes to even consider starting to heal.

If you’ve been where we have, then you understand that the toxic narcissist will do anything in his or her power to make sure this entire process hard on you. But by arming yourself with a little information and a shift in your perspective, you can start healing right now – even if you’re still in the planning stages.

This toolkit was created specifically for you, and we’re giving it to you for absolutely free, no strings attached, because we just want to help take away some of the pain and help arm you with the knowledge and information you need to get through these unfortunate circumstances in your life.

QueenBeeing is proud to introduce, a brand new site dedicated to helping you get through a toxic divorce from a narcissist, in partnership with our featured blogger, Misty Dawn, a former paralegal and survivor of narcissistic abuse.

There are a variety of resources here, including:

  • Video interview and two downloadable resources from Attorney Jillian Tindall, who is also a survivor of narcissistic abuse
  • A specially curated selection of Angie Atkinson’s videos to help you cope with the various issues that come up before, during and after divorce with a narcissist.
  • Your own New Life Toolkit, full of downloadable resources to help you get through the hard times.


  • A special list of free courses and ebooks here at LMA that might help you going forward.
  • Access to a special support group for divorcing a narcissist.
  • More support resources and ideas.

Yes! Give Me My Free Divorce Your Narcissist Toolkit!

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