I was born in Pensacola, FL and from what I have been told, we did not live there long after I was born. I would move on to South Carolina and then Texas. I remember some things about San Antonio but not much. I do remember it did not take long to get places as everything seemed to be right outside the neighborhood we lived in.

When I was 10 we moved to Tennessee. Boy, was that ever a change? Getting to school was an hour bus ride at least. Some years it was longer. When we went to “town” it took forever and was inconvenient at best. The best thing about living in rural America is the friends you make and the quiet of the country. I cherish those friendships to this day.

Choosing to raise my children in rural America I think will give them experiences they would not have in the city life of Florida. They are making friendships that I hope to carry them through the rough ages of the teen years and are thriving in their new lives. We spend a lot of time in the van getting from place to place but I am beginning to think that is the price I must pay to enjoy the peace that my life has now.

I hope to be updating soon about the newest adventure we have found and that is the house buying process. Being a single woman again I was worried because of the number my ex helped me do on my credit, that I would never be a homeowner again much less in the near future but here we are,

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