After the emails about contacting my children, I thought it was time to take care of the legal stuff that he should be doing. In the divorce, I have asked for copies of his tax information every year in the divorce and was awarded it in the end. The first tax season after the separation when he moved out of state my accountant recommended that I file married filing separately. As far as I know, he did not file at all. It is tax time again so here I am asking for the information.

I hope you’ve taken the time to file your taxes by now but I will need a copy of those as soon as you can get them to me. If I do not receive a copy by April 15, I will be sending notice to the IRS with the court order and you can deal with the tax evasion charges. Thanks and have a great weekend.

I waited until that night and sent another email.

This here is an adult conversation. Ironically you can’t have adult conversations. You would rather cuss me out and call me names all because I won’t force my children to talk to you. I want to make it clear the bit about the IRS is not a threat it is a promise. I look forward to more one-sided conversations about adult topics.


Nasty Bitchy Pissy Misty

Twelve hours after the initial email I went on to send one last email to get him to understand that this is something that I want and he is obligated to send it to me.

Just in case you want to call me a liar again…  Fill out and print the form and mail it to the Internal Revenue Service Center, Stop 31313, Fresno, CA 93888. Another way to report IRS fraud is to call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 for the Criminal Investigation Hotline in your area. Failure to file tax returns is a form of tax evasion.

Messages in the middle of the night.

Sixteen hours after the first message at 2:12 am I received a reply. 

Misty, the term “nasty, bitchy, pissy, Misty” refers to your very rude, sarcastic, passive aggressive attitude. It was an obvious play on the words to say “look, I want to have a 100% real, heart to heart, no bullshit conversation with you”. I wasn’t looking for you to drop your guard  to manipulate, hurt, be offensive or anything shady! We made beautiful children together and for that I will always be grateful BTW. No disrespect, I merely wanted to have a solid, normal, adult conversation where we could progress. Clearly your ability to sling me around in a legal forum is impressive yet slightly Intimidating! That is why I wanted a simple, heart to heart phone call. I have been battling some severe depression for quite some time and want and need simple. If you want to help walk me through the process to get my taxes expedited quickly, I welcome any assistance you can offer. You will not find me to be a huge douchenozzle that I was not so long ago. Lmk when you think you might want to chat over the phone…for real …to be real. I’m heading to an area I will not get WiFi so easy. Will chat soon… have a great night. Tell the girls hi and I love them.

He is now justifying his name calling as a play on words? What does that even mean? I am supposed to believe that it was all to say, “look, I want to have a 100% real heart to heart…”? My response was:

The “term”, It’s now my new nickname. In fact, I will be getting a shirt made. I DO NOT wish to talk to you nor do I wish to hold your hands and lead you in the direction of doing things the right way, I did that for 12 long years. It is not and was never my job to raise you to be a decent responsible human being, that was your father and mother’s job, maybe have daddy enlighten you. They did an awful job!

Yes, we made beautiful children together I agree. I have the opportunity to raise my children and see them every day. All you had to do in the beginning was the right thing. You chose not to so I chose to make sure they would grow up to be responsible and kind adults who do not make it second nature to lie about everything all of the time. Or go off on a rant calling people names because they did not bow to what you had to say.

I have seen your 100% real for 13 years. You have had so many opportunities to do the right thing and here I still sit waiting. Traveling where you have no WiFi at 2:12AM? Sounds legit. You have your shit together for sure since you are expecting calls after midnight and travel places in the middle of the night. If you really wanted simple you probably should have thought of doing the right thing and not only expecting from everyone else.

Since TN sent you the paperwork I guess that means you are taking that paperwork to every place of employment you have so that I receive all of my child support. If not, I will be happy to remove your rights in October when the time is up to be able to do so. We don’t need to talk. Your voice is a trigger for my anxiety and C-PTSD so I am looking out for me this time. Have a great day!

Three minutes after sending this message while I was at a friend’s house my phone, which I forgot at my cousin’s house, rang and my cousin answered it. She, my cousin, told my daughter about the mistake of answering because he was not calling me from his phone but his place of employment. This made my daughter cry and panic that her dad was going to find out where we were. I had to reassure her that no information was given after finding out the story and I went on to send another email to him letting him know that if he called my phone again that I would file another restraining order on him to make sure that he understood. He did not reply to that one but a little while later an email with no subject arrived.

Misty, you may never fully forgive me for my mistakes in our relationship. I accept how you feel and respect it!

In fact, forget the request for the phone call even. When you mentioned the word “trigger” it became pretty clear that maybe my idea for a one on one heart to heart was a Very bad idea. In no way am I trying to even slightly upset you or make you angry or sad or guilty.

I just thought we might be far enough away from explosive communicating that we could even have a laugh or 2. Unfortunately, it seems you are not interested in that at all. I simply want to hear from my girls…I love and miss them. That’s all this is about. That’s it….I’m clean, single, ready to get important stuff Poppin and mainly that’s a better relationship with my kids …

In conclusion…

Actions speak louder than words. You have done nothing but blame me for your lack of relationship with your children and not just the ones that belong to me. You haven’t changed at all.

I’m supposed to believe you when you claim clean and sober for over a year yet you were still smoking pot, talking pills, and drinking alcohol. So again more lies. How many days sober do you have? Addicts who are truly recovering can pop that off without fail. How many meetings are you attending, not to meet girlfriends but to follow the steps?

I have in no way ever felt guilty at any point in our situation, EVER. Maybe you should own that guilt, instead of deflecting.

You are right, I do not forgive you for anything because you’ve never proven that you’re truly sorry. This is the same shit different day,  over and over. Before now, it was their call. I let Hayleigh and Prudence tell you how they felt. You blamed me. I told you how they have told me they felt. You blamed me. Now I will say again there are steps that you must take to talk to my children and until I have proof that all of them are taken care of hell will freeze over before you speak to them.

So while taking care of your 12 step program you have a 4 step program that you would need to follow. And while you’re accusing me of being passive aggresive in emails where I’ve only been matter of fact shows that you are continuing to devalue me.

The girls are happier when they don’t have to hear about you calling and I promise if you do call again before my 4 step program is complete a restraining order will happen no matter what state I’m in. I have evidence in several emails where I have repeatedly asked you not to call. You should have a divorce decree that tells you that you should only contact me about the children through email, if you dont have it, maybe you should call the courthouse and arrange getting a copy since I’m not your attorney, I was my own.

There will never be a time in the near or far future that you and I will share a laugh. I’m 100% up on your game as I’ve had many clients that deal with exactly what I have and am dealing with. Don’t have money to pay your phone bill yet arent paying support either? What a joke! Maybe you should turn that car back in?

So, hopefully this is clear and leaves no question of what I’m expecting. If you need a reminder of the 4 steps they are here:

Nasty Pissy Bitchy Misty!

He never addresses emails directly. He never answers the questions asked. I am just supposed to believe the word salad that comes out of his mouth.

If you are thinking about filing for divorce and need direction make an appointment here and I will walk you through it.

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