I am thankful to have sole custody of my children and I will do anything to make sure that my children are safe and well taken care of. I want them to have everything that they need and a lot of times I hate that I can’t give them everything they want because they don’t want for a whole lot. Moving to climates that they are not used to being in and having to make sure they have clothes that fit and are weather appropriate, no matter how many times it changes, is important and also expensive. They depend on me for all of their needs

These needs are not free. Two people brought these children into this world but the only one that did it for a lifetime was me. Narcissist’s see their children as an extension of themselves. They want the title of mom/dad but not the responsibility that comes along with it. Court orders mean nothing to the narcissist I was married to. He thinks he is above taking care of his children. He does not care about taking the order seriously and it shows.

The option to remove his rights is more appealing as the days go by and over the next few months I will be looking to write my Last Will and Testimate so, if anything happens to me, I know that my children are taken care of. I will be working with an attorney through Legal Shield. If you would like more information on that just follow the link. Legal Shield has found a way to give clients from the US and some provinces in Canada, who pay a low monthly fee, to have the legal backing they need to get through anything from a ticket to many family law situations. 

Something I have learned through all of this is that there are times to pick your battles. I have chosen to let him bury himself, with a little help from me piling the dirt on with my calls to the IRS. Karma will one day pay him a visit. I will just sit back and wait.

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