Image may contain: indoorThis door will be my view on Monday morning because I have my divorce final hearing Part 2. I know I need to go through my pictures and paperwork and get it together. Instead, I am reading posts on Facebook and researching laws in another state to get my mind off of what I should be doing. It is hard to go through all of the information I have because it is a definite trigger for me.

You ever get to the end of something and know how much weight it will lift from it just being done that you’re almost afraid for it to end? This has been a 9-month long process that I didn’t want to go through again, but here it is. I already know how it will go down the line because I have seen it all along, I just didn’t think it would happen to me with him. He pays his support when he wants to now and I don’t expect that to change. He will never change. I just want the ticker to start on what will eventually make it to my children but in the meantime, I have what they need, even if it never does. I have the kids so I already won.

Good news, I walked away from my computer and got everything I need for the hearing altogether. I have pictures, copies of emails that say he is an active opioid abuser as of May 2018, copies of check stubs that he sent previously, copies of texts that say his pay and times worked. I am hopeful this information will help me in my quest for a fair and honest divorce settlement. If everyone involved only realized the tens of thousands of dollars that this man spent and stole from my family over the years. Justice will prevail.

The last hearing got here fast. This time not so much. It has seemed to drag out but that could be from everything else I have had going on too. Don’t forget to check out my coaching page at and let me help keep you focused on the final prize at the end. No longer being connected to someone who was only out to destroy you!

Have a great weekend DYN tribe. Do something for yourself this weekend. I know I will!


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