I am going to start out by saying this blog isn’t about Divorce or even Narcissists, but it is about my healing journey. I was told by my mother when growing up that I am Irish, English, Scottish, and Italian. When I was a kid my brother and sister told me I was the milkman’s kid. I assumed they did that to tease me. They aren’t that much older than me, how would they know? Ever since my mother passed in August of 2020 from Alzheimer’s, making sure I knew for sure who I am became important. The easiest way to do this, I thought, is by doing some genetic testing. I chose to go with CRI Genetics. 

The test came in, I followed the instructions, and off it went. After several weeks I got the email that it had come in. I opened up the website and saw that from the testing, I am nearly 40% German. I haven’t heard of anyone anywhere in my family with German ancestry. I am in touch with my mother’s family, and I know it is not from anyone there, but my father has been out of my life since I was two. Where did I find this in my bloodline? I did talk to my father’s sister, and she assured me that it was not from him. 

Did my mom step out on their marriage? I don’t know. I do know that he didn’t really want me when my mom was pregnant. I am glad she wanted me enough for both of them but, she leaves so many questions. I decided to get one of the other tests that connect you with family. I ordered the test several months ago and sent it off the other day. They have received it and will contact me when it is processed. Have you questioned your past and where you came from? Have you been told one thing but found out that things were the opposite? I will update what I find out.


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