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We know divorcing a narcissist is hell. We are here to help you learn how to take stock of your present situation; lay out a “game plan” for what kind of life you want; and start moving in a positive direction.




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DIY Divorce: Lessons I Have Learned

When filing for a high conflict divorce you are going to fight tooth and nail for what you want and need. When I filed in January I waited for him to answer the petition for Dissolution of Marriage. He promised he would give me an answer and time passed by. I thought...

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Cash Jobs, the Ultimate Manipulation Tool.

When I met my ex he was a restaurant manager for iHop, his child support was automatically taken from his check. I was unaware of any issue there and then things changed. In the first couple of months, he would come home talking about this opportunity to open a pizza...

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Financial Abuse: The abuse that keeps on giving

Financial abuse happens in most domestic violence abuse situations. If your spouse has controlled your ability to use, acquire, or maintain financial resources you have been financially abused.   Not only did my ex abuse me to the point that I lost all confidence in...

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Thinking Outside the Box. Creating Real Change.

At DivorceYourNarcissist.com, we get that you’re not dealing with a standard soon-to-be ex. Narcissists are different, and if you’re going to get what you deserve and keep yourself, your money and your family safe, you need to think differently. We’ll help you get there.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.  – Viktor Frankl

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