This is the second time in my 26 years of parenting that I am a single parent of two children. My older two are now adults and living on their own and then I have my littles. Being a single parent in Florida was a lot easier than it is now. In Florida, everything was close by and where I live now is rural and takes forever to get from place to place.

When you throw in the added bonus of having issues with a school bus driver it leaves you irritated and frustrated. Being a single parent has its benefits but also has plenty of downfalls but I wouldn’t change a thing. Over the summer and the beginning weeks of school, I have had a lot of moments where I realize how easy it would be to pass some of the load off but then I remember that it would have never mattered anyway with my ex.

My ex called me in August and it sent me on a spiral of the flashbacks and I had issues with writing and getting out of my head so I took a step back from writing and just focused on my FB group and messages so that I could at least pass along some information on to survivors that needed it.

I am in the process of trying to locate the perfect house for the girls, me, and our five dogs. There has been a lot of changes and a lot of movement in the 11 months since I Divorced my Narcissist and I am continuing to survive and better my life every day. I heard in one of Angie’s videos once, she said, “The only thing that we have control of is our reactions.” Those words have stuck with me throughout my journey and I started using that in real life.

Every time that contact happens I can choose to respond and give him supply or I can choose to ignore and watch him implode. Being in rehab, he is otherwise detained, but he still has the occasional avenues to reach the outside world via text, email, and social media. He is still stalking me through online, “background checks“,  but since they are always wrong I felt better not to file any paperwork to help him out in finding me.

If you are in the process of divorce or are trying to get away from a narcissistic relationship feel free to set up an appointment with me and I will walk through how I did it and help you learn your legal options. Make your appointments here, Coach Misty.

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