Let’s say I am driving home from work and I was lost in my thoughts as I was driving the same roads I drive every day but today I’m pushing the gas a little more than I thought and I get pulled over for speeding. If you were my attorney, what would you charge me?

What would happen if I was living in an apartment and when I moved out the property manager refused to give me my deposit back for reasons that were unreasonable and I wanted to fight it? If you were my attorney, what would you charge me?

I am now a single parent and as much as we all want to be here for our children until they are out of the house, sometimes that is not the case. Because I need to know that my kids are taken care of until they can care for themselves I should probably write my Last Will and Testament. If you were my attorney, how much would you charge me?

I am currently thinking about purchasing a house. There are many documents involved and I do not want to be taken advantage of. I should probably have an attorney look over them. If you were my attorney, what would you charge me?

Each one of these instances could possibly cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I became an independent associate for Legal Shield recently and with a membership, I can have a law firm at my disposal for any legal help that I might need in my day to day life. What if I told you that my whole family can be covered for $24.95 a month? It gives me peace of mind to know if I have a legal situation all I have to do is call my attorney 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

After having the membership for 90 days, Legal Shield will also help you with an uncontested divorce which is easier said than done with a narcissist but the idea of being able to get that divorce after paying only $75 is much more appealing than the thousands that an attorney will charge and with Legal Shield you’re working with attornies.

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