I believe you!

I am not concerned about whether or not anyone believes me, least of all someone on the “other side”.

Someone, who very well could have gone through a very similar experience as mine but can I trust what is said? I am glad you believe me but do you really?

Trusting anyone after many years of lies is not going to come easy so, for now, I will say I will believe you when it is not being said to me but in defense of me.


I never met so many individuals who say one thing to your face and another behind your back until I met the whole mess of 13 years. But again I am not even aware of what was true and what was a lie. I do know that I have spoken out about the two-faced nature of the whole family to be agreed with only for the same shit to happen over and over. I could not take it anymore which is why I never stopped trying.

So if you are here to just gain information I will find out. But I would appreciate you saving me the time and investigation and just see your way out. My twitter feed is the least interesting social media platform I have at the moment. If you want to follow my business it has it’s own page that I occasionally post on. Or you can secretly sign up to my website Divorce Your Narcissist and get what the world gets.


I look forward to finding out whether my first instinct was right.



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