Most states provide a child support worksheet with your divorce packet. This will help in determining how much if any that the co-parent will have to provide. The parent who has more parenting time, if they make less than the other parent, will usually be awarded support. Another factor that can come into play is the expenses that the children have such as extracurricular activities or uniforms for sports. The judge also likes for the children to have a similar standard of living but sometimes that is not feasible.

The only bad thing about getting support awarded is that some deadbeat parents will not pay it with or without an order. I currently do not get child support from my ex and eventually I will be going back to court to have him charged with contempt of court. When I do this Florida will no longer have jurisdiction it will go to the state that I decide to file contempt in and that will be whatever state I decide to stop in.

The one thing holding me back is the state of FL has a one year limit on not paying support before you can remove the co-parent’s rights. I might hold out and just take care of it that way but I have not fully decided. The benefit of having sole custody is not having to worry about anyone else in the decisions I make. Right now I move where I want when I want. I send my kids to school or I homeschool them and it is my choice. Taking away his rights will guarantee in my absence that they will not automatically be left to him to raise but will go to who my Will has put them with.

If you are a single parent with sole custody your Last Will and Testament is something important for you to have. You want to ask the person you are leaving your children to if they are OK with raising them as you would. I have picked mine out and I am trying to think of a clever way to ask. My kids love this family as do I and they have been there for us through all of this. When I get ready to fill out my Will I will let you know how I decided to ask.

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