To remove rights or not?

I currently have sole custody of my children but over the last several days I have thought a lot about removing the parental rights of my ex. Being an older mother to my two girls I know that if anything were to happen to me they would automatically be shipped off to their fathers until they are adults but that is not something I am willing to let happen.


This got me thinking

With him keeping his parental rights I am guaranteed to have his child support arrears to keep adding up but this is not about money. I am worried about my children’s safety. As I travel through and meet many adult children of narcissistic abuse I know that is not how I want my children to be raised or treated. I have always been there to defend them and if something happened to me they would be on their own.


Removing his parental rights would guarantee that he would not be able to get his hands on my children in my absence and one of my adult children or relatives could continue to raise them into the beautiful women they will become. Removing his parental rights would also negate the child support that he owes me but would also stop him from continuing to spit his venom on my children as he has done on his older children over the years.


With my ex having seven biological children he has had plenty of practice not being a father financially or physically with his children more times than not over the last 27 years. I have about seven and a half months left to decide because as per Florida law I will be able to request to remove his parental rights after a year of him not paying his court-ordered obligation which will be on October 16, 2019.


What would you do?

If given the opportunity to remove the rights of the other parent, would you? Why or why not?


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