I tell my clients when they worry about their toxic partners filing some kind of legal action, not to worry until they are served papers. Narcissists like to give empty threats about something you fear the most in order to gain more control over you. If yours was the type to constantly threaten and never follow through we could have been married to the same person or they are all alike, all talk no action.

If you do happen to get “served” papers you are going to want to read over them and determine whether they are legitimate. If there’s a subpoena, lawsuit complaint, or other legal filings included then this is no longer just a threat and you will want to act accordingly and be mindful of the amount of time given to respond to such complaints.

Look to see who sent you the letter and if it is not signed by a judge or court official then it could be a cease and desist letter asking you to stop doing something. Either way, make sure to pay attention to the facts of the pleading and if you know it is something that is not true be prepared to prove it in front of a judge.

After reading the facts you need to decide how to proceed. Do you have the confidence that you will prove them a liar in court and can you get ready to fight the painful battle? Divorcing a narcissist is not an easy thing to do but to find your happiness again, it is necessary.

If you are going through a divorce and need help to figure out what papers should be filed or if your spouse is threatening legal action and you want help on what to do next please schedule an appointment with me, Divorce Coach Misty and I will walk through the journey with you.


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