I am sitting in a room at the gym my girls are coming to for gymnastics and tumbling and thinking about how far I have come over the last couple of years. While with my narcissist I was unable to afford to put my kids in any sports because the money was never available. The day drugs were found on my ex I figured out why we never had money and I saw our 12-year relationship start to crumble. I thought about everything I had been through and realized how much I had been played. When I met him he said he was a recovering addict. Little did I know the recovering part was never a fact.

Over the last year since the final hearing for my divorce, I have done a lot of healing. I don’t believe that this healing would have taken place if I still had to be in contact with him on a regular basis and anyone that is a co-parenting position with a narcissist, I feel for you. I always said that if I did not get sole custody I would practice a parallel parenting style. If that is something you are doing, let me know how it is working out in the comments below.

Before I left FL I was very involved with their school but not much else in the community because that was at a time that I isolated from friends and family and spent all my time on politics and the internet and making sure the beast was happy. I still follow politics and still have my opinion about it but now I am more involved with things around me. I have enrolled Prudence in Gymnastics and Hayleigh in tumbling. They are both enjoying their time and making new friends here and at school and are so much happier with our new life.

Today, I graduated from the class that I have been taking for the last 5 weeks and I have a meeting to finalize it on Wednesday. This class has allowed me to be myself and meet a lot of great people from different walks of life in my community and I will be taking the information that I learned and applying it in my life. It has also opened several doors that have pointed me in the direction I am going.

If you are just starting the process start with learning everything you can about Narcissistic abuse and while you are learning think about where you want your future. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, what are you going to do with it? I have Divorce Coaching available for you every weekday and I do have weekend appointments available as well. Schedule your appointments here.

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