Chess Figures Game Play Strategy Chess GamNarcissists will not only play games with your heart and head, but they will also play games with anything that should be their responsibility. While the Mr. is taking his new supply, who looks young enough to be his daughter, out to the bar while being on Suboxone and not taking care of his children and having a grand old time. I still struggle. Not because of a broken heart or because I want to get back with him, but because of the financial ruins he has left me in. The bills from before he left and his inability to be a responsible adult and support his children.

He never sent me his check stubs, more games as usual and after speaking with the Magistrate’s assistant I found that since the date was set in court there was no continuing. The longer we wait the longer I wait for child support. I need him to pay something on his kids. I have tried to keep it all together for this long and I am tapped out. I can’t be everything for everyone right now because I am feeling defeat. I don’t have anyone I can ask for help and my children and I are about to be homeless. I am not trying to air my dirty laundry but this is my reality in my quest for a DIY Divorce.

Get Me Out Escape Danger Security Threat CI have been trying to figure it out and because I can’t fathom another year near his family in this place so I can’t sign a year lease in order to get help from the rental assistance for low income. I don’t want to be here another year. I want to say that I will figure this out in the 2 days I have left to figure it out but there is no guarantee. At this point, he is living life carefree with no bills taking his girlfriend out to the bars in New Haven, CT while I am here taking care of our girls, my daughter (healing from childbirth), and my two grandchildren one being newborn. I just need a miracle. I know they do exist. Advice today is don’t bite off more than you can chew even if it was well-intentioned.

Even though I am going through all of this I have not given up. I have what I need for the final hearing which is in 13 days. Look for that in my blog about screenshots. Sometimes when you least expect it you find what you have been looking for.

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