My ex has one main Flying Monkey. This one is the fakest of the fake. She called me about a month after I left the state to talk to my girls. The phone was answered by accident. I was in the grocery store. When I answered and realized the mistake I froze.

She asked me where I was and I said, “No longer in Florida.”

Then she said, “It should not take a court order to know where my sisters are.”

I replied, “It will.”


I passed the phone off to one of the girls and just hoped that they did not give her our location. They didn’t give her any information without having to be told. She was questioning my kids and they handled it the way they saw fit.

This monkey is their oldest sibling that they never really had a relationship with other than the 9 months she moved in with us. After she moved out that time she accused my oldest of doing something that was not done and when I started cutting toxic out of my life she was one of the first to go along with her grandmother, my mother-in-law. Ever since then there has not been much togetherness.

Now she is back. She is going a different route this time by sending friend requests to my family. She won’t make it very far that way either. My phone number has never changed and neither has my email but this is not how a flying monkey will get their information. They will try every other way they possibly can they feel will get them the best result. Beware of flying monkeys when leaving a toxic relationship. They can come in any form.


Where do the flying monkeys come from in your life? Are they friends? Family? Or someone else?


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