So, you want to know how to file for divorce free in your state? Whether you’re in the process of a do-it-yourself divorce or you’re using a divorce attorney, you might be on a tight budget and you need to save money. The cost of the filing fee can be overwhelming.

Did you know that in every state there is a way to file at no cost to you? It’s true!

There are fee waivers in every state and if you meet the criteria set by your state getting a divorce could be done for free.

I have compiled a list of every state with a link to the form you will need to fill out to see if you meet the criteria in your state. I hope this helps everyone out who thinks they can’t divorce their narcissist because they can’t afford it.

How to Get Divorced for Free in Every U.S. State

If you need help filling out the forms, I can walk you through it. Just schedule an appointment through my coaching page here. Otherwise, you can do it yourself by simply filling the form out for your state and bringing it to your county’s clerk’s office to see if you qualify. Here is the state-by-state list.

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