Child Support Laws By State

State/ Territory Guideline Type Link to Guidelines
Alabama Income Shares Ala. R. Jud. Admin. R. 32
Alaska Percentage of Obligor’s Income Alaska Civ. R. 90.3
Arizona Income Shares Arizona Child Support Guidelines
Arkansas Percentage of Obligor’s Income Ark. Admin. Order of the Supreme Court, Rule 10
California Income Shares California Fam. Code §§ 4050-4076
Colorado Income Shares Colo. Rev. Stat. §§ 14-10-115 et seq.
Connecticut Income Shares Child Support and Arrearages Guidelines
Delaware Melson Formula Delaware Child Support Guidelines
District of Columbia Hybrid Model D.C. Code Ann. § 16-916.01
Florida Income Shares Fla. Stat. Ann. § 61.30
Georgia Income Shares Ga. Code Ann. § 19-6-15
Guam Income Shares Guam Child Support Guidelines
Hawaii Melson Formula Hawaii Child Support Guidelines
Idaho Income Shares Idaho R. Civ. Pro. 6(c)(6)
Illinois Income Shares Ill. Rev. Stat. ch. 750, § 5/505 through Ill. Rev. Stat. ch. 750, §5/510
Indiana Income Shares Indiana Child Support Rules and Guidelines
Iowa Income Shares Iowa Child Support Guidelines
Kansas Income Shares Updated Jan. 1, 2016Kansas Admin. Order No. 261
Kentucky Income Shares Ky. Rev. Stat. § 403.212
Louisiana Income Shares La. Rev. Stat. 9:315.1 et seq.
Maine Income Shares Me. Rev. Stat. Ann. tit. 19-A, §§ 2001-2012
Maryland Income Shares Md. Fam. Law Code Ann. §§ 12-201 et seq.
Massachusetts Income Shares Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines
Michigan Income Shares Michigan Child Support Formula ManualMich. Comp. Laws § 552.605 et.seq.
Minnesota Income Shares Minn. Stat. Ann. §§ 518A.35 et seq.
Mississippi Percentage of Obligor’s Income Miss. Code §§ 43-19-101 et seq.
Missouri Income Shares Mo. Rev. Stat. § 452.340 

Civil Procedure Form 14

Montana Melson Formula Admin. R. Mont. 37.62.101 et.seq.
Nebraska Income Shares Nebraska Court Rules §§ 4-201 to 4-220
Nevada Percentage of Obligor’s Income Nev. Rev. Stat. §§ 125B.070 to -.085
New Hampshire Income Shares N.H. Rev. Stat. §§ 458-C:1 to -:7
New Jersey Income Shares N.J. Rules of Court, Rule 5:6A, Appendix IX
New Mexico Income Shares N.M. Stat. §§ 40-4-11.1 to -11.6
New York Income Shares N.Y. Dom. Rel. Law. § 240(1-b)
North Carolina Income Shares North Carolina Child Support Guidelines
North Dakota Percentage of Obligor’s Income N.D. Admin. Code §§ 75-02-04.1-01 to13;
Ohio Income Shares Ohio Rev. Code §§ 3119.01 et seq.
Oklahoma Income Shares Okla. Stat. tit. 43, §§ 118 to 120
Oregon Income Shares Or. Admin. Reg. 137-50-320 to -490
Pennsylvania Income Shares Pa. R. Civ. Pro. 1910.16-1 to -5
Rhode Island Income Shares R.I. C.S.G. Administrative Order
South Carolina Income Shares S.C. Soc. Serv. Reg. 114-4710 to -4750
South Dakota Income Shares S.D. Codified Laws §§ 25-7-6.1 et seq.
Tennessee Income Shares Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. Dep’t Human Services 1240-2-4-.01 to -.057
Texas Percentage of Obligor’s Income Tex. Fam. Code §§ 154.001 et seq.
Utah Income Shares Utah Code §§ 78B-12 et seq.
Vermont Income Shares Vt. Stat. title 15, §§ 653-657
Virginia Income Shares Va. Code §§ 20-108.1, 20-108.2
Washington Income Shares Wash. Rev. Code §§ 26.19.001 et seq.
West Virginia Income Shares W. Va. Code Ann. §§ 48-13-101 to -803
Wisconsin Percentage of Obligor’s Income Wis. Admin. Code DCF 150.01 to .05
Wyoming Income Shares Wyo. Stat. §§ 20-2-301 to -315


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