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The process of divorce is indeed painful. And if the misery of a prolonged battle for custody and monetary settlements are added to it then it is almost excruciating. Children from such a marriage are usually seen to be laboring under considerable emotional stress already and a custody battle is agonizing for them as well.

In some cases though, it is imperative to discuss the question of child custody before the couple legally separate. This simple ebook offers advice and guidance on what you need to think about during this process and tips on how you can ensure that all goes well for you and your children during divorce.
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How to Win at Child Custody Battle

Inside the Book:
Custody of Children After Divorce 5
Child Custody Cases 7
Child Custody Evaluation 8
Getting Ready for Child Custody Trials 10
Thoughts on Father’s Rights in Child Custody Battles 12
Mother’s Rights and Child Custody 14
Divorce Mediation for Child Custody 16
Types of Child Custody Arrangements 18
Child Custody Papers 20
How to Find a Good Child Custody Lawyer? 21
The Right Steps to Take to Win the Custody of Your Child 23
Choose the Right Lawyer 23
Organize Your Finances 23
Track Child Care Costs 23
Clean Up Your History 24
Dig Up Some Dirt 24
Getting a Favorable Child Custody Arrangement Done 25
How Would You Preserve the Best Interest of Your Child? How About a Joint Custody? 27
Temporary Child Custody and Why You Need to Take It Very Seriously 29
Dealing with Issues of Custody Where a Special Needs Child is Concerned 31


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