When I met my ex he was a restaurant manager for iHop, his child support was automatically taken from his check. I was unaware of any issue there and then things changed.

In the first couple of months, he would come home talking about this opportunity to open a pizza restaurant with an elder customer who wanted him to take care of the guts of the restaurant while the friend handled the finances.

This seemed like a perfect opportunity for someone who wanted to eventually open his own place so I just rolled with it. I was working and did not depend on him to cover the bills for the household even though he and his daughter were living there. He made sure that his pay would be the same so his support was paid and he still had money to live.

Then the restaurant and the amount it brought in could not sustain his salary and he was let go. That was the beginning of the cash jobs. It started with working in the granite industry. He was a salesman with a kitchen and bath remodeling company that he was also helping get off the ground. He was paid weekly, supposedly only $100 weekly but hindsight says that was probably a lie. He lied a lot and he still tries lying when he talks to my children.

He continues this work ethic as he has been telling my children that he can’t send them money because he hasn’t worked a “side job” yet. He will never change.

If you have one of those cash making narcissists, I feel your pain. They can be gone for 10 hours in a day and only bring home $30. I know the struggle you are going through and I am here for you.

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