I will start this out by saying that I have had about enough of the blame game and just remember you get more bees with honey but not the type that is condescending. On January 10, 2018, I filed for divorce. Mr. X, you received these papers as they were served to you personally. I know for a fact that for 6 weeks prior I had been asking you what you wanted in the divorce because it was going to happen; what type of visitation you wanted, what you would pay in child support and all you had to do is sign off which in turn would have been less money and BS that I would have to deal with and you would just do what you have done with your other 5 children and walk away. You chose to play games and I now have sole legal and physical custody. I am not worried that you will get custody and my kids don’t need a pen pal that chooses to lie to them.

Grandma, we were in the state for almost a year after your son walked out after informing all of us that he was an active addict the entire marriage and left me high and dry with no empathy or support but plenty of money for drugs even though he was supposed to be on Suboxone. I have proof! He lied to me about everything, even the dumbest things and he is still doing it to my children. I bet it is happening to you about me and has been for years. I moved out of state to find that support and so my family, the girls and I, could heal. He has gone on to purchase a new vehicle and move into a house with his new daughter aka his girlfriend and her 3 children without a care in the world for his own. Actions speak louder than words. That right there proves what type of man you raised.

I’m not obligated to bend over backward for people who say they love my children but have yet to figure out how to show it. Love is more than the words that come out of your mouth. I will address the most recent text messages and for future reference, things that you want to stay private should probably go through messaging or emailing the children. Phone calls are OK but you will go to my voicemail and the kids will decide whether to call back. I asked that email be the only form of communication allowed while in court and it was awarded and that we only discuss the children so when talking through me it should be direct questions about the kids. I am not looking to conversate.

Jan. 29 3:21 pm
Not sure if you managed to get the info for my one employer : (XXXXX
The fax number if you want to send over a copy of the income deduction order is XXXX
Danielle and Carrie sent theirs yesterday. Evidently, their info was previously sent but never connected with the proper person to start the deduction process. Hope this helps in getting it going for you.
How are the girls doing? They never responded to my last message to them and the one prior sent to me was pretty nasty. Please tell them I love and miss them and would love to chat. Thanks for any assistance you may be willing to offer. Hope all is well with you. Have a great day.

Dad, I will address this first. November 25, 2018, I asked if you were still employed at YMCA and you said yes. I sent the income withholding order to them all the while you were lying. OK Fair enough. I looked at the clerk’s website and saw they sent you a letter. I found out later that letter was delivered to your last address in Holiday so that means you lied about changing your address with this case through the courthouse. Last month I saw a judgment against you was awarded to me and since I want to travel I don’t have time to chase you. Now that I have established a mailing address and have a family member checking it and allowed my mail to catch up I passed child support off to the state and have officially washed my hands of it. It is no longer my problem. I have decided that I will live my life stress-free and that was the relief.

I have a suggestion for you. You know the name of the courthouse. A google search will give you the address, why not just send in the money since you are all about doing the right thing? Oh, that’s right, you are incapable. I watched it for 12 years while you did the same to Carrie and Danielle. No worries I won’t be calling. I will handle it in the courtroom if I deem necessary but it is working out for me right now.

The girls are doing great. They are happy and healthy and living their best life. They have heard over and over that you love and miss them and you prove it often by the lies you tell them and the promises you break. That is probably why you got the “nasty” message that was your daughter’s thoughts. They’ve had enough!

And within an hour I hear from someone else that has spent many years blaming me for the lack of relationship, remember your children even told you that they did not want to have a relationship with your mother and why.

Jan 29 4:08 pm
Hello Misty, this message is an attempt to see if you’ll allow me to talk to my granddaughters. I’ve tried before and it was not allowed so I’m making another effort. We love the girls and miss them. We are family and want them to know that their grandparents do care and love them very much. Please allow them to call me first, and if you permit me to speak with them can I call periodically?

Grandma, if you remember correctly, you threatened to take me to court if I did not let you see the girls in 2014 after accusing my oldest of doing something she never did. When I realized that your toxicity knew no limits that you would even attack my child I knew I needed to take the rest away from you because it would not be long before you turned on them for something made up in your head. I am still waiting for the subpoena. Grandparents DO NOT have rights in the state so that is probably why I never got the notification about a court date. I recall a few times in the last five years that the girls went over with their father. You did not make too good of an impression because after the last time and you telling them that if they were gay they would go to hell both of my girls could not believe that it came out of your mouth and they decided they had enough. When I dropped off your son’s items in May they told you they did not want to talk. Not my decision.

Jan 30 10:59 am
I’d really like to say hi to the girls could you tell them that I would love to chat with them if they want to call me back otherwise I would just keep trying

They still don’t want to talk but I guess you got that since you did not respond to her last comment.

Jan 30 11:02 am
Just FYI, I will be looking for a new job that pays a lot more money very quickly and when I do landed I will let you know where it is and all the details so you can be sure to get the money that’s due I do want to pay my child support but I do want to have communication with my girls that’s it you have custody I’m not going to try for that I just want to talk to them on a regular basis that’s all I don’t think that’s too much to ask I will follow through please follow through with getting them to talk to me or at least letting them know I want to talk to them thank you

I hear this every couple of months for the better part of 12 years and you never come through. Do others still believe this nonsense when you spout it? I have texts and emails saying this exact thing over and over through the years. Actions speak louder than words.

I am not at all worried about you fighting for custody or parenting time. It would be too much like work that you aren’t willing to do.

Jan 30 11:14 am
For the record, I haven’t tried to find out where you are and I won’t. Again, all I want is to regularly talk or video chat with them so I can keep up with their lives. Regardless of how we feel about each other, you should be all about that! I’ve been off drugs for a year and I’m not drinking at all.

Wait a couple more texts. This will prove to be a lie within 8 minutes. You have zero parenting time. Not on the phone, not in person, and there are things that you must do to get that parenting time back. Begging is not the answer. Want to know how?

Jan 30 11:19 am
I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks again

I am sure this is not how you wanted it but this is how it is being offered. Again if you have any questions about the children you claim to love, they must be specific, email me any time.

Jan 30 11:22 am
I did hear through the grapevine that you were going to be in South Carolina… Tell your parents I said hello. I hope your Mom and Dad are doing ok.

And there it is, the lie. Keep your flying monkeys trying but you are making sure no one knows anything about the girls. Your daughter claimed to want to talk to her sisters to all of my family members yet she never replied nor did she call but you have helped me prove that she was only out for information for you. Thanks! We are no longer in SC but I’m sure you knew that since I told her the date we were leaving.

Feb 2 2:43 pm
Hello, how are you today? I was hoping to speak to the girls, do they want to speak to me or not? Did you get my information about XXXX cuz that is of some benefit to you text me back and let me know please thank you have a great day

The only benefit you could offer me is not to need someone to hold your hand to make you do the right thing. Pay your support or don’t either way, we will survive. I will not force my children to do something that they don’t want to do so sit back and wait for them to come around or do the things that you are legally obligated to do to regain parenting time. I am under no obligation to give you any parenting time, including phone calls without follow through with the order.

  1. Parenting class
  2. Court-appointed drug testing.
  3. Psychological Evaluation by a provider that specializes in Cluster B Personality Disorders.
  4. And get your support current and ongoing.

When you are ready to discuss parenting time, start the steps. If not the girls will call if or when they need you. I want to send a friendly reminder that your favorite daughter’s birthday is coming up again but please DO NOT offer to send anything because not only do we have a daughter that was not even acknowledged by anyone in your family on her 9th birthday and her gift from one grandparent was an afterthought but I am no longer letting you lie to my children. Have a great Day!

BTW I set the featured image to one of the best and most public lies that shows you were just playing games.

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