Divorce is difficult for anyone. But divorcing a narcissist is hell. We’re here to help support you.

Divorce is a process

Divorcing a narcissist is no easy feat. While some toxic people will just neglect the process and let you handle the whole thing, others will fight you tooth and nail along the way. DivorceYourNarcissist.com aims to support you through your divorce, from the preparation stage through getting your life back on track when all is said and done.

When it’s “out-in-the-open” that the person you held hands with so many years ago, and promised to love – honor – and obey – to be supportive of, to stand beside in good times and bad -through sickness and health – for richer or poorer – no longer wants you or your love.  Even if you were the one who initiated the divorce, you still feel like you have been rejected, at least on some level, and it’s just about the most damaging thing you’ll ever face in your lifetime. Studies tell us that divorce is more traumatic than going through the death of a loved one. 

If you’re at this point in your life right now – help is at hand.

Whatever your circumstances, it is of the utmost importance that when the pain of divorce descends upon you, you realize that you can recover –that you will recover – and that this is in reality, however bad it may seem right now, is an opportunity for you to attain real and total happiness. Our self-help guides, information and tips for men and women are designed to help you explore your current feelings and help you work your way through the gloom into the light at the end of the tunnel. Plus, we offer practical, actionable tips, ideas and information on how to actually proceed during your divorce from a narcissist.

How We Help You

Inform You

We keep you informed on your options and help you find the information you need for your own divorce.


Support You

We know how alone you can feel during a divorce from a narcissist. We are here to support you!


Answer Your Questions

Whether you join our online support group or you sign up for a consultation with our divorce expert, we’ll answer your questions!

Help You Get What You Deserve

We know how manipulative narcissists can be, so we’ll try to help you understand how to best negotiate and navigate during your divorce.

Celebrate Your Success

We’ll be there to celebrate your successes and support you through the tough times. Join our online support group for direct support.

Take Back Your Life!

Once your divorce is finalized, we’ll be there to support you as you take back your life! And we’ll help you make it your best life ever.


A QueenBeeing.com Sister Site

This website is a QueenBeeing.com partner site. QueenBeeing supports narcissistic abuse survivors. Certified Life Coach Angie Atkinson partnered with Misty, our divorce expert, to create this specialty support system when she recognized a need for it in the community.

For Survivors, By Survivors

Misty is a narcissistic abuse survivor herself, as well as a paralegal and divorce expert. At DivorceYourNarcissist.com, we take all of the special concerns of survivors and fold it into useful, actionable information as well as sharing our own stories and helpful tips and ideas.

Strong Support

We understand the value of community support, especially when a narcissist or other toxic person is involved in your life. We are proud to present a strong, supportive, secret support group designed just for narcissistic abuse survivors going through divorce.

DIY Divorce

DIY Divorce is Possible

You can file your own divorce if it’s what’s considered a “simple” divorce.

With Or Without Children

Simple divorce is possible whether you have children or not.

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